Max-A-Life Weight Management System

Effective Weight Loss Made Simple

If you are one of the more than 150 million Americans who are overweight – and wish you weren’t – Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough has the solution for you. By following his practical weight-science program you, too, will be able to look into the mirror and see a slimmer, more appealing, and healthier version of yourself – the benefits of which are numerous and far-reaching.

A world-renowned expert in appearance and health enhancement, Dr. McCollough has made your transformation to a more ideal weight – and size – easier than you might think. His program is based upon the simple principle, which involves balancing calories taken in with those burned up and substituting healthier, good tasting foods for those containing sugars, artery-clogging fat, and limited nutritional value.

The McCollough Max-A-Life Weight Science System is built around high energy, low calorie satisfying meals, meal substitutes, and snacks, laced with muscle building/fat burning protein, all of which are conveniently packaged for consumption at home, work, or on the go. And, the fact that traditional foods and drinks are strategically incorporated into the program avoids the feeling that one is being deprived of all the things one likes to eat or drink.

An added feature of The Max-A-Life Weight Science System is that before and during the process, scientific testing is performed to determine the balance – or imbalance – of the essential building blocks of nutritional health within your body. In addition, pharmaceutical grade vitamin and mineral supplements provide the micro-nutrients needed to obtain – and sustain – a healthy state of nutrition. Virtually everything that a body needs to convert nutritional products and natural foods into energy is included into an easy-to-follow system.

After seeing so many “diets” and “commercial weight loss systems” fail, Dr. McCollough came to realize that there are good and valid reasons why so many overweight people find it difficult to follow long-term weight management programs. There are equally as many reasons why individuals who lose weight are unable keep it off. Most “diets” are based upon a temporary state of deprivation. And, when it comes to human behavior, the natural response to deprivation is to reward good behavior with that which has been denied.

Dr. McCollough concluded that the typical commercial diet does not address the five primary reasons for weight management failures. His system addresses each of them. They are:

  1. Lack of understanding of the body’s metabolic systems (how the body converts foods into energy, stores calories not used as fat – and dissolves fat away when demand outweighs intake).
  2. Lack of ongoing access to the kinds of foods and nutrients that build healthy bodies.
  3. Lack of motivation on the part of the individual who needs to lose weight.
  4. Lack of understanding of the appropriate role, amount, and kinds of exercise. (The right program is easy to follow and convenient. It does not place an undue burden on the individuals time, budget, or body).
  5. Lack of encouragement and positive reinforcement from others.

The simple fact is: weight gain (and loss) is a matter of choice, involving elementary math and infused with a large dose of motivation and self-discipline. And, the program designed provides people of all ages and walks of life a proven way to obtain and maintain a body weight and size of their choice.

The McCollough Max-A-Life Weight Science System embodies a universally-realized concept balance. His own version of weight science is a matter of balancing intake with output until one achieves the state of balance desired. When one takes into the body more calories than it requires no matter in what form calories are ingested (carbohydrates, protein, or fats) the unused calories tilt the scale toward the fat production side of the equation. Conversely, when calories are removed from the intake side, or when more calories are used up on the output side, the body’s metabolic system springs into action, breaking down fat throughout the body and converting it to energy. The result of fat for muscle is that many people find themselves not only looking better, but feeling better. They notice that blood pressure readings begin to drop, blood sugar readings return to non-diabetic levels, and blood cholesterol tests begin to fall into normal ranges.

And, the person freed from carrying around extra baggage in the form of fat has more energy to devote to productive activities. Without the burdensome load, aching joints seem to bother the individual less, and feelings of depression and unworthiness are replaced by those of happiness and self-worth.

Clearly, there exist a number of appearance and health reasons why being overweight is undesirable. Now, there is a proven physician-developed program that allows anyone to address the conditions that accompany a less than desirable shape and size.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about The McCollough Max-A-Life Weight Science System (now available at the McCollough Institute in Gulf Shores, Alabama take the first step in becoming a more attractive, healthier you. Call 251-967-7600 for more information and take charge of the rest of your life.

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