The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2015

Much has been written lately about a prophetic period in the future of our planet that is being referred to as “End Times”. It is predicted to run collaterally with the formation of a one world government or what some may call a “One World Order”, and climax with a great war in Israel over a mound known as ‘har Megiddo’ where the forces of good and evil clash in a battle that will end in the forces of evil being stopped and the leader, Satan, being thrown into an abyss for a thousand years. Current geopolitical events are seemingly moving in such a pattern. Are these Biblical prophecies actually about to take place? Have leaders in our past believed the Bible’s predictions and actually prepared for such a global disaster. The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2015 looks at current events and the attitudes of today’s leaders and sees a parallel with the prognostications of the early writers of the Bible. If this comes true, how will our Creator respond? Will He join forces with those on Earth to defeat such an enemy? Has He already set up a scenario for the defense of His creations at some point earlier in our history?


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