The Intrepid Physician




A Spiritually-Mentored Physician Experiences the Wrath and Rewards of Exceptionalism

Dr. Gaylon McCollough’s latest book (a novel) provides readers with an inside look at the medical profession. The Gulf Shores plastic surgeon has created a cast of characters with whom anyone who has had personal experience as a patient or provider can identify. Medical professionals will appreciate how McCollough deals with the intrusion of politicians and corporate executives into the challenges of patient care. Patients will better understand why today’s medical professionals practice defensive medicine and why access to healthcare is becoming more difficult for the average American to obtain.

The book is the perfect combination of fact, fiction, fantasy, and intrigue. Residents of the Gulf Coast will recognize many of the characters and institutions featured in the book.

Justice in the Halls of Medicine demonstrates just how far self-serving cabals of doctors, administrators, politicians, investors, and Mafiaso Mobsters will go to protect their own self-interest at the expense of sick and hurting people.

The book’s main character (Dr. Tinsley Harrison Wilson) is mentored by an all-star lineup of physicians from the present … and the past. From the time of conception he was chosen by a council of spiritual mentors to initiate changes in the medical profession that prevent diseases as well as treat them. In breaking ranks with the mainstream medical industrial complex,
Dr. Wilson proves a time-honored truism: exceptionalism comes with a price–a dear price.

One thing is certain, after reading Justice in the Halls of Medicine, you will never again view the medical profession in same manner.


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