Let Us Make Man




An in-depth study of the book of genesis and how it compares to “creation stories” from various cultures throughout the recorded history of Mankind. Readers will come to see that theology and science are much more closely linked than previously believed.

The discovery of previously overlooked revelations in Genesis gave rise to this book, its title, and the McCollough Theory of Divinely Engineered Creative-Evolution. The composition and intent of the original colonizing team – the “us” and “our” cited in the ninth of ten creative commands – is a mystery that seems to have been ignored. Whether biblical scholars intentionally glossed over clues in the creation scriptures is a question that begs an answer. So, in keeping with the directive, “Ask and you shall receive,” mysteries surrounding the origin, evolution, and destiny of life throughout the universe are posed to one of God’s great Angels. During an encounter of the fourth kind, the Archangel Metatron offers the reader a fleeting glimpse of the Mind of God. And, for the first time, many realize that the image reflected in one’s own mirror is that of a lesser angel, experiencing the privileges, responsibilities, and challenges of being human – a requirement for earning its way through the ranks of a Celestial Hierarchy. Metatron’s Revelation – unlike that of St. John, The Divine – provides hope for people of all races, creeds, and nationalities. The one, revealed in Let Us Make Man, suggests that if Mankind – of its own free will – chooses Good over Evil, Heaven on Earth would become a reality. The unfinished miracle would be concluded. And the call for Armageddon would be irrelevant.


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