The Lords of Seduction




They are known by many names: The Order of the Illuminati, Belderbergers, Hidden Hand, Shadow Government, and Invisible Empire. For the purposes of this book, the band of self-designated “despots” have been given a more fitting title: The Lords of Seduction. Following their idol—the Prince of Darkness—these seductive and ruthless overlords became masters at manipulating people and governments, coaxing them ever closer toward the boneheaps of history, including the United States. In gallant fashion, the author takes readers behind the scenes of an Illuminati-Islamic Alliance where a global coup d’état is being orchestrated. At the same time, peoples of the world are being distracted by a group of equally-as-seduced “puppets”—Islamic jihadists. Many readers will see—for the first time—the declarations of a little-known ancient cipher (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) which provide frightening details as to how a “supranational sovereignty of world bankers and intellectual elites” intend to “destroy God” collapse the United States of America and deliver a beguiled world into the hands of their lord, Lucifer. Unless…..


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