The McCollough Book Club

Believing that a doctor’s responsibility to humanity extends beyond prescribing medications and performing surgery, Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough spends much of his nights and weekends with another one of his passions: creative writing.

Over the past thirty (30) years, Dr. McCollough has authored a library of original books ranging from fact to “faction” (fiction based on fact.) Mainstream advice to consumers on appearance, health, and vocational enhancement matters are tastefully blended with motivational, inspirational, theological, scientific, instructional, and political ideas.

Though—from book to book—the genre may differ, all of Dr. McCollough’s writings contain a central theme: how to make life on earth better … today and tomorrow, not only for the individual human being, but for all of humanity.

By becoming a member of The McCollough Book Club, readers will surely experience an enlightened view of the world and the species into whose hands its destiny has been placed. Dr. McCollough’s books make great gifts for special occasions.

All proceeds are pledged to a foundation that provides educational opportunities and support for young people.