Body Lift Procedure

The Body Lift technique involves the use of an incision similar to the abdominoplasty procedure. Like abdominoplasty, which improves the appearance of the waistline in the front, the Body Lift incision starts anteriorly, continues around the back in a gentle curve and allows for improvement of the lower abdomen, buttock and thigh areas in a single procedure. Lax abdominal muscles are treated in the same way as in the abdominoplasty procedure by tightening of the abdominal musculature, while the outer thighs and buttocks are restored by elevation in to a more youthful position. Any excess skin that is sagging in the buttock or thigh areas is removed during the procedure. This procedure is indicated in individuals that desire abdominal contouring, but who also have noted age-related changes in the lateral thigh and buttock areas, and wish to have improvements in those areas as well.

Another group of patients who are excellent candidates for this procedure are those who have lost large amounts of weight either on their own or after gastric bypass or lap band surgery. Due to the loss of volume, the skin in the abdomen, thigh and buttock area sags excessively, and despite the weight loss, patients are troubled by the inability to fit well into clothes and enjoy a new lifestyle that often comes from healthy loss of weight.