The Breast Lift

Mastopexy is the operation designed to reposition or lift the breast that has become ptotic (drooping). Breast ptosis most commonly results after pregnancy and nursing or after a large weight gain and loss. The volume of breast tissue decreases leaving a skin envelope that is too large allowing the nipple and remaining breast tissue to sag much lower than normal. Once the process of sagging begins, the breast shape and contour never returns to its more erect, youthful appearance.

To reposition the nipple and breast tissue, skin incisions must be made. The excess skin must be excised and the nipple and areola moved upward to a more attractive natural position over the remaining breast tissue. This improves the chest and breast contour while maintaining breast size. Since breast ptosis usually is due to some degree of involution or shrinkage of the breast tissue, breast augmentation with an implant can be a useful adjunct to the mastopexy operation.