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Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a procedure aimed at reshaping or resizing the nose to improve its appearance and function. Whether correcting aesthetic concerns such as a dorsal hump, crookedness, or asymmetry or addressing breathing difficulties caused by structural issues, rhinoplasty can enhance facial harmony and/or improve nasal function. During his fifty-year career, Dr. McCollough has performed more than 6,000 rhinoplasties. Schedule a consultation for rhinoplasty in Gulf Shores today.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty consists of carefully removing any “excess” bone and/or cartilage while rearranging or reshaping the remainder. The nose is reduced in size by removing excess bone and cartilage (dotted areas). The remaining structures are repositioned through a series of carefully planned internal nasal incisions. The skin then heals to the new framework.

Why Rhinoplasties Are Performed

Most rhinoplasties are performed because the patient desires an improvement in appearance and/or airway of their nose. The patient may simply want a nose which is in harmony with the rest of the face rather than one which is out of proportion with respect to the other facial features. On the other hand, it may be, as is often the case, that the nose is becoming progressively more disfigured the older the patient becomes, until breathing difficulty occurs, as a result of a drooping tip of their nose.

Sometimes, patients have deformities of the inside of their nose, which impair breathing, cause headaches, or contribute to sinus trouble. These problems cannot be satisfactorily treated medically without simultaneously straightening the external part of their nose, as well as the inside.


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Patient Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Taylor. He is thorough, caring and compassionate. He will listen to your needs and ensure the best possible outcome. Gulf Shores is lucky to have a surgeon of his caliber and training, you are in excellent hands with Dr. Taylor!


Every Nose Is Unique, And So Is Every Rhinoplasty

Like faces, bodies, personalities, talents, and ambitions, every nose is different; some noses are too long, some too wide, some have large humps, some are too broad; some project away from the face, and so on. Since rhinoplasty surgery is as much artistic in nature as it is scientific, rarely are any two of our patients’ noses identical. We strive to make each patient’s nose fit his or her face, function better, and have an “unoperated” appearance with our rhinoplasty in Gulf Shores.

The alterations we recommend will be determined by many factors, including each patient’s height, age, skin thickness, gender, ethnic background and configuration of other features such as the forehead, eyes and chin. All in all, we strive to achieve a natural-looking nose—WITHOUT HAVING TO HARVEST A RIB GRAFT—rather than one which appears to have been operated upon. No patient really wants an assembly line “nose job”. Rather, they want a nose individually tailored to their own features and conditions.

When Can Surgery Be Done?

Teenage Rhinoplasty
Ordinarily, girls are “mature” enough by the age of fifteen (boys at age eighteen) to have surgical correction. However, we find it necessary to individualize this factor because some boys and girls “mature” at earlier ages. So that we can monitor their growth and maturation, we prefer to monitor the maturation of these young men and women whenever they become interested in having a rhinoplasty even though surgical correction may be delayed. That factor remaining, early correction of unwanted nasal deformities can often give young people more self-confidence and improved self- esteem. A parent should come with a minor to the consultation visit.

smiling woman after rhinoplasty in Gulf Shores, AL
woman looking in mirror after rhinoplasty in Gulf Shores, AL

Adult Rhinoplasty

About thirty percent of the rhinoplasties we perform are on patients over the age of forty. Many older patients remark that they have disliked their noses “all their life” and have now decided to have corrective surgery. Providing the patient is in good health, it is never too late in life to have rhinoplasty in Gulf Shores. It is often performed as a part of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation program with face-lifting and eyelid plastic surgery, in order to improve the undesirable signs of aging. A longer, or drooping nose may be a “telltale” sign of aging, and repositioning a drooping tip of the nose to a more youthful position can often improve a patient’s airway as well as provide a more youthful appearance.

Functional Rhinoplasty for Breathing Problems

Mechanical Nasal Obstruction
One of the common causes of breathing difficulties and headaches is a “deviated” or crooked nasal septum. The septum is a bony and cartilaginous partition that divides the inside of the nose into two chambers. If it is dislocated or leans to one side, it can interfere with the flow of air through one or both sides of the nose and cause pressure on surrounding structures, thereby triggering headaches. Nasal obstruction can also be caused by swelling of the membranes inside the nose, collapse of the nasal sidewalls or drooping of the nasal tip.

Surgical and medical solutions to these combined conditions are available at the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic. Surgery can often straighten or remove the offending portions of the crooked bones and cartilages, inside and on the exterior of a patient’s nose. Surgery can also be performed to strengthen and replace structure in the nose if it is collapsing, as a result of the aging process.

Non-Anatomical Nasal Obstruction
There is also non-anatomical nasal obstruction caused by the reactive swelling of the inside of the nose. The membranes lining the inside of the nose can become swollen from one or more of the following conditions:

  • allergies (hay fever)
  • changes in temperature or environmental factors
  • viral infections (colds)
  • bacterial infections
  • emotional disturbances
  • overuse of nasal sprays
  • exposure to irritants in the air (hair spray, smoke, etc.)

None of these “membrane conditions” are corrected by surgery; however, if the patient has a deviated septum plus one of these conditions, correction of the septum frequently makes it easier for the patient to tolerate the membrane swelling. We might recommend that the patient see an allergist or other consultant if he/she has one of the medical conditions listed above.

Limitations of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty candidates should remember that in any nose surgery there is a limit to the corrective procedures possible or recommended. The goal is improvement in the existing conditions, not to match the ideal which might be present in any given patient’s mind. Some of the limiting factors in rhinoplasty are:

  • the existing size and shape of the nose
  • the contour and shape of the face
  • the texture and thickness of the skin
  • the inclination of the chin, lip, and forehead
  • the depth of the angle between the forehead and the nose
  • the height of the individual
  • the healing powers of his tissues
  • facial asymmetry or differences between the two merged sides of the face
woman smiling during consultation for rhinoplasty in Gulf Shores, AL

The McCollough Rhinoplasty Surgical Protocol

Twilight Anesthesia
Prior to surgery, certain instructions are given to promote healing and help hold to a minimum the amount of swelling and discoloration. We generally prefer “twilight” anesthesia, in which the patient receives the same medications used during a colonoscopy or wisdom tooth removal, supplemented by local anesthesia. In the uncomplicated case, the actual surgery takes about an hour or so; however, additional time is required for certain preliminaries necessary to properly prepare the patient.

No Nasal Packing
At the completion of surgery, a small protective adhesive dressing and splint are applied to the nose. The protective splint and tape are to remain in place for about one week. Although a drip dressing is applied, which obstructs the nostrils, we do not “pack” the inside of the nose after surgery. Patients, therefore, are more comfortable and less swollen. With the elimination of excessive nasal packing, pain, swelling, bleeding, discoloration, etc., are reduced, making the recovery period much more pleasant for the patient.

No “Breaking” Of the Nose
A question often asked by patients contemplating rhinoplasty is: “Do you have to break my nose?” In our technique, we make a controlled incision into the nasal bones when they need to be repositioned, thereby eliminating the more antiquated technique of “breaking” the bones and resetting them. We feel this technique allows for better control of the operation and reduces the patient’s anxiety about having surgery.

doctor talking to patient about rhinoplasty in Gulf Shores, AL

After Nasal Surgery

After surgery, each patient is urged to limit physical activities and remain elevated while sleeping. Being in an upright position will decrease swelling and accelerate healing. The protective splint and dressings on the nose are removed at the clinic about one week following surgery. Most patients are able to return to work or school that same day.

At the end of one week, in practically all of our patients, most of the swelling and discoloration has disappeared. Some swelling of the nose (which the patient feels more than he/she or anyone else sees) is present but progressively diminishes over the next several weeks. Generally speaking, about 80% of the swelling disappears by two weeks; 90% by two months. The remainder disappears at the rate of about 1% per month. The “final” result is not present for about one year, occasionally longer.

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