Facial Tuck-Up

or Mini-lift

AFTER a face-lift, a secondary procedure may be performed whenever any new sagging appears in facial and neck tissues. In every face, regardless of who does the surgery, the age of the patient, or highly advertised “preventive measures,” at the end of several months some slack can be found.  Following surgery, the aging process continues thus the skin loses more of its elastic properties. Gravity causes the loose skin to accumulate along the jaws, along the sides of the mouth and in the center of the neck under the chin. However, with the foundation which has been developed under the skin by the original face-lift surgery it is encouraging to see the long-lasting improvement which can often be obtained by “tuck-ups.”

This type of “mini-lift” usually requires less surgery than the initial procedure— and the cost is less.  The ideal situation is to have a face-lift and follow with a “tuck-up” whenever noticeable new sagging develops. The results can be dramatic.

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