The Facelift Operation

Foreheads, Cheeks and Necks



Rhytidectomy is the medical term for the operation designed to remove or lift wrinkles and sagging tissues from the forehead, face, and neck. The term “face-lift” is often used incorrectly to describe a total facial rejuvenation, which, in reality, consists of eyelid surgery, face-lift and perhaps skin resurfacing.

The goal of the face-lift operation is to reduce the sagging and wrinkling caused by loose skin and to lift or re-position both the muscles and fatty tissues of the face and neck which tend to sag with advancing years or premature aging. Face-lifting does not correct problems in the upper or lower eyelids, or the wrinkles or creases in the lips-other procedures (blepharoplasty or skin resurfacing) are required for these conditions, but can be performed at the same time.