Skin Center & Total Health Spa at the McCollough Institute


The Skin Center & Medical Spa at the McCollough Institute is the perfect complement to the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic. The two age-defying centers work hand in hand, allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to look better, feel better, and live longer, more productive lives. From its inception, the McCollough Institute has attracted professionals dedicated to the scientific pursuit of health, vitality and an extended youthful appearance. Realizing that this objective is best achieved through surgical and non-surgical modalities and that a traditional “spa” is unable to provide the kinds of non-surgical procedures and products that a physician operated spa can offer, Dr. McCollough decided to expand the focus and services offered in the Skin Center & Medical Spa. The new focus will be on the prevention and early detection of conditions that give one the appearance and stigmata of aging, skin cancer screenings, and diagnostic services.

A world-renowned expert in appearance and health enhancement, Dr. McCollough has made your transformation to a more ideal weight – and size – easier than you might think. His program is based upon the simple principle, which involves balancing calories taken in with those burned up and substituting healthier, good tasting foods for those containing sugars, artery-clogging fat, and limited nutritional value.

The McCollough Medical Spa will continue to provide many traditional spa services, such as:

  • Injection therapies that fill age-related wrinkles and hollows (Radiesse, Juvederm, etc.)
  • Botox injections
  • Advanced skin care therapies (Obagi, SkinCeuticals, etc.)
  • Therapeutic facials
  • Relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques
  • Professional make-up and camouflage counseling

However, the newly structured McCollough Medical Spa will focus on scientifically-rooted procedures and products that are designed to prevent and/or suspend many of the causes of premature aging and the unwanted signs and symptoms that come with it.

Expanded (physician-directed) services and/or products offered at the new McCollough Medical Spa include:

  • Physician Administered Skin Cancer Screening
  • Laser Therapies for Level I (superficial) and Level II-A (medium depth) skin conditions
  • Chemical Peels for Level I (superficial) and Level II-A (medium depth) skin conditions
  • Acne Therapy (procedural and medical treatment)
  • Hormone Diagnostics for Women and Men

Relaxing and Rejuvenating the Mind, Face, and Body


It is also important to remember that the skin is an indicator of what exists beneath it. Undiagnosed medical conditions (hormone imbalances, thyroid deficiencies, collagen disorders, poor nutrition, stress, etc.) are often reflected in the appearance and texture of one’s skin. This is where the McCollough Medical Spa separates itself from other centers.

We approach skin care, nutrition, weight and age management from both directions: inside out … and outside in. From a sample of one’s blood, we can determine whether one’s hormones are out of balance, whether one needs to supplement one’s diet, or whether indicators of biologic imbalance of one’s internal organ systems exists.

If it is determined that an imbalance is present, our staff can recommend the appropriate corrective measures. In some cases, however, referral to one’s personal physician or a medical specialist might be indicated.



The skin is the largest organ of the human body. In that regard, it is also one of the earliest indicators that the biological systems that keep an individual “well” may be out of balance. Rather than simply treating the visible signs of aging, the professionals at the new McCollough Medical Spa provide facials and skin therapies that are designed not only to make the skin look better, but to help restore the ravages of aging and years of sun and wind exposure … from the inside out.


Our professionals offer a variety of procedures and products that camouflage the signs of aging. However, it is more than a filling station for commercially-created injectable fillers and muscle paralyzing agents. It is a comprehensive age inhibition—and management—center.

Clearly the advanced skin care programs and products that we offer give the skin a more youthful appearance. That’s why we offer selected injectable fillers (Juvederm®, Radiesse®, etc.) that provide temporary improvement in wrinkles and depressions caused by aging. But many of our clients are looking for more. They want to be as healthy as they look. And they want to look their best longer than some of the temporary therapies can provide.

When a more permanent eradication of these conditions is desired, the patient’s own collagen can be inserted through a tiny incision by one of the surgeons across the rotunda at the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic. For more information about autologous (using the patient’s own collagen) grafting, call 251-967-7600.

Botox-like products (neuro-toxins) minimize the kinds of wrinkling and scowls that occur with exaggerated facial expressions. For best results, however, re- treatment every several months is required. Level I laser therapy and superficial skin polishing (micro-dermabrasion—or as Dr. McCollough prefers to call the procedure—“Epidermal Minibrasion”) are provided through the McCollough Spa. These procedures remove the dull, scaly skin that collects on the surface as new skin is created underneath, giving one’s skin a younger, healthier glow and smoother texture.


A wide variety of commercial skin care products are available on the open market. The McCollough Medical Spa offers high-quality skincare systems: The Obagi System and SkinCeuticals. The laws that govern and regulate spas and skin care centers are very specific when it comes to such preparations. A licensed physician must direct the dispensing and use of such products.


By the age of 50, both men and women experience measurable drops in the hormones that sustain a youthful appearance, heightened performance, and positive outlooks on life.

Because hormone imbalances are often reflected in the appearance and texture of one’s skin, the McCollough Medical Spa is pleased to provide hormone screening tests for men and women. When testing confirms imbalances in any of the hormones, the patient is referred to an appropriate physician to bring them back in balance.

THE STRESS FACTOR: Speeding Up the Aging Process… Or How to Slow It Down

Every year, scientists are learning more about the human aging process. While no one has, yet, discovered how to arrest it, how to speed it up is a well-known fact.

Stress may be one of the most correctable enemies to longevity, productivity, and happiness. That having been said, stress relief may be one of the ways to arrest many of the unwanted signs and symptoms of aging. We—at the McCollough Medical Spa—believe that some of the services we offer can help provide a respite from the daily drudgeries of life.


The preceding is intended to demonstrate how the newly revamped McCollough Medical Spa is redefining the industry.

While pampering our clients is one of the mainstays of our Center, we are committed to going the extra mile offering both relaxation and rejuvenation services and products. And, because the systems and programs that we offer have been developed and/or sanctioned by the McCollough Institute’s founder (Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough) a world-renowned facial surgeon and rejuvenation pioneer, we believe that they are more likely to provide what every patient who looks in the mirror and recognizes the undesirable signs of aging wants: to look better, feel better, and perform better … longer.

For an appointment with one of our rejuvenation specialists, call 251-967-7640 or email