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The Cost of Surgery


Dear Dr. McCollough: I desperately want to have a facelift, but I am a teacher on a meager salary. Will I be able to afford it, or should I just give up the thought?

A common misconception among residents of the Gulf Coast, and all over the country, is that plastic surgery is not affordable to the “average person.” It is, simply, not true. The vast majority of the patients who come to me for surgery are working people who plan for their plastic surgery as they would for a new car or vacation. However, the rumors that I operate on the rich and famous are true. Even so, I have also made provisions for people, on limited incomes to have surgery at the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic.

At The McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic—as well as throughout the free world—the cost of plastic surgery is generally reflected by the reputation and experience of the surgeon who performs the operation. One generally pays a little more for surgeons who have successfully performed the operation thousands of times. Even so, patients are often shocked to learn that because their surgery can be performed at a modern outpatient clinic (rather than at a hospital) their operation costs less than they expected.

At the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic perspective patients can choose procedures and surgeons, based on a graduated fee scale. For example, if my fees should exceed a patient’s budget, he or she may choose one of the other board-certified surgeons in his clinic, or one of the doctors in fellowship (all of whose fees are less). Because of these options, a growing number of patients who never thought they could afford plastic surgery are able to have their dreams fulfilled.

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