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Dear Doctor: I just saw something on Good Morning America about using some sort of filler for sagging ear lobes. What can you tell me about that? Are there any alternatives that are more “permanent”?

Dear Reader: I saw that report last week about “Ear Lobe Lifts.” In that particular show, they were referring to using Restalyne, a temporary filler, to make a stretched earlobe appear to retract. Since the results of “injectible fillers” only last a few months, at most, I recommend a more permanent solution to the problem – one that in the long run is more cost efficient.As we age, our earlobes continue to enlarge. And wearing heavy ear rings speeds the normal aging process up. Repairing stretched or torn ear lobes requires a minor outpatient surgical procedure. For stretched – or enlarged – piercing holes, the skin surrounding the hole must be removed and resutured. For torn lobes, the skin surrounding the tear is removed and the wound is repaired. For stretched lobes, an incision around the crease, where the lobe is attached to the face, is required and part of the lobe is removed. The wound is reattached with dissolvable sutures that are removed in about a week. Following the procedure, the patient must refrain from wearing ear rings for three weeks. If desired, the ear may be re-pierced in about one month. This is a simple – but very rewarding procedure – for most women. If you would like any more information on this or other health related topics, call the McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health at 251-967-7600, email or visit our website If you would like to ask Dr. McCollough a question, please Contact Us here.

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