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Dear Dr. McCollough: I am interested in having my nose reshaped, however, I don’t want a “celebrity nose” or a “cookie cutter” nose. I just want a “natural” nose – my nose, but a bit smaller. Is that possible?

Dear Reader: Most rhinoplasties are performed because the patient desires an improvement in appearance and/or nasal function. He/She may simply want a nose which is in harmony with the rest of the face rather than one which is out of proportion with respect to the other facial features, just as you do. And, like faces, every nose is different; some noses are too long, some too wide, some have large humps, some project away from the face, and so on. Since rhinoplasty surgery is as much artistic in nature as it is scientific, rarely are any two of our patients’ noses identical. We strive to make each patient’s nose fit his or her face. The alterations we recommend will be determined by many factors, including one’s height, age, skin thickness, ethnic background and configuration of other features such as the forehead, eyes and chin. All in all, we strive to achieve a natural looking nose rather than one which appears to have been operated upon. A surgeon’s expertise in performing this specific procedure is of utmost importance. I have performed over 4,000 rhinoplasties during my 34 years in practice, and would be happy to consult with you, should you choose to proceed. In the meantime, please accept a complimentary copy of our patient information book which has detailed information on the rhinoplasty procedure as well as many others. If you would like any more information on this or other health related topics, call the McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health at 251-967-7600, email or visit our website
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