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Dear Dr. McCollough: I am interested in a new procedure that claims to eliminate wrinkles, just as well as a traditional face lift but with less down time and lower cost…I think it’s called the “thread-lift”.

Dear Reader: The so-called “thread lift” depends on one long suture placed into the fat of the face to support it. Traditional face lifting utilizes 8-10 sutures placed into the strong sheeting around the facial muscles (on each side) to achieve a long-lasting result. The comparison is simple: one suture can not do what ten (10) can. It’s common sense. In fact, there is no comparison between the two procedures. The money and time invested in “thread lifts” is not well-spent. You and your friends would be well-advised to think in terms of “what is my long-term interest, not what is a quick, temporary fix to a long-term problem.” If anyone, who wants an opinion as to the type of procedures that might be indicated at this stage in life will send pictures of yourself to me by email, I will be happy to recommend the best and most economical approach that would accomplish the goals you have for yourself. Send your pictures to this site (THE MCCOLLOUGH REPORT).. I will review them and consult with you by phone email at no charge. No matter what procedure you decide to have, or what surgeon you choose, I want to help. If you would like any more information on this or other health related topics, call the McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health at 251-967-7600, email or visit our website If you would like to ask Dr. McCollough a question, please Contact Us.

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